Originating from Constellation of Cancer, the fourth zodiac symbol is associated with those born from June 21 to July 22. Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancerians are known to be loyal and able to empathize with other people’s suffering and pain. For 2018, the leading astrologer in India, Amar Sharma predicts new love relationships and business partnerships for people graced with Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer will be blessed with abundant joys throughout the year.

Cancer love horoscope

The passionate fifth house will be graced with expansive Jupiter that sends love signals all around. You will attract new love and take delight from fresh relationships that are set to last long time. With a priority to romance again, you existent relationships need to be revitalized and trust in the bond of togetherness emphasized in order to make love last till eternity. Some will be left searching for satisfaction in the relationships and patience will help relieve all relationship troubles that persist in life.

Cancer finance and career horoscope

Cancerians will regain traction when it comes to financial and job stability. With unpredictable Uranus departing after a seven year stay, May will be the time to get into groove with things and set out for a journey of favorable prospects. With favorable opportunities to earn more, 2018 comes as a blessing for Cancer with multitude of career and finance enhancing chances.

Cancer health and lifestyle horoscope

With the time of wellness being eclipsed by Saturn during its three year stay in the sixth house of health, its departure will be the motivation to enhance your lifestyle and lead a better life. Health should be a top priority and never let career come in the way of your fitness as only a fit body delivers maximum performance. Restore the balance and vitality of your life and take a bolder look for the year.

Cancer family horoscope                           

Relocations are an omnipresent possibility in 2018 and an opportunity to get together with family and take delight of times of togetherness. Get drawn to new people and reinforce existent bonds in order to be more expressive of your feelings and emotions. Let the loved ones realize the intensity of your affection and care.