Occurring from May 21 to June20, Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac. Brilliant minded with excellent communication skills, Gemini signifies cheerful, witty and versatile individuals. A certain element of unpredictable nature emerges from their dual nature persona and sometimes could lead to instability in life. The world renowned astrologer Amar Sharma advises Geminis to get healthy, fit and organized to set yourself for success.

Gemini love horoscope

2018 guarantees that your love desires come to life and you will be faced with diverse situations that will be an eye opener in matters of love and pave way for a strong bonding in times ahead. The period of tough Saturn ends and lucky Jupiter arrives in November to attract healthy and long term relationships. With Saturn still prevailing in the eight house of astrological chart, you will be guided with crucial lessons about relationship matters and the inculcation will clear the path for a prosperous lifetime of love and romance.

Gemini finance and career horoscope

With the risks from Saturn prevailing, 2018 is not a year to rush into permanent prospects and make revolutionary decisions. With disturbances effective from May to November, it is advised to take things step by step with the guidance from best astrologer in India. Huge investments and mergers should be avoided for the later part of year and the search for new job not delayed to May.

Gemini health and lifestyle horoscope

With Jupiter expanding in the sixth house, the year will push you for health adventures and a fit lifestyle. Stay active for the year and force things towards you in order to gain the best prospects in every opportunity that arrives. Refresh and revitalize yourself as Uranus will pay a long term visit to the twelfth house in May and offer a prescription for lifetime happiness.

Gemini family horoscope

Even though you favor honest relationships, there might prevail shades of doubts about your intimate feelings as Saturn and Pluto reveal the evil elements in your relationship. Opportunities to make new friends and bond with as many people will be welcome and inspire you to associate with lovely souls.