Leo, the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac has duration from July 22 to August 23. It originates from the constellation of Leo and the zodiac quality is fixed. Leo traits include warm, action-oriented and loyal individuals. Having an air royalty about them, Leo is driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Such people prosper in a fine or performing arts career and have always been an inspiration to millions. With the horoscope prediction offered by the best astrologer in India Amar Sharma, every individual graced to be a part of Leo zodiac will be guided to take advantage of the best benefits in life.

Leo love horoscope

Luck will follow Leo throughout the year and let you progress in the sphere of love and romance. Relationships will shift with major personal transformations that will sweeten up your love vibes. With expansive Jupiter set to visit in November, your affections and romantic feelings will be encouraged infinitely. Get in touch with yourself and your beloved to pave way for a sustainable bond that will prevail forever. Leo will experience a seismic series of eclipses this year too which will grace your life with surprises and events to fully enjoy connections.

Leo finance and career horoscope

Slow and steady wins the race. Small but gradual gains will help benefit your prospects significantly and as patience is a virtue, the rewards will satisfy best. Uranus will start an eight year visit to your professional tenth house, and the mid-may visit will let you explore diverse career paths. Technology and management will make for better career paths and Leos will be in the spotlight for all the better reasons in the world of finance. Saturn will prevail in the sixth house for the next three years. Thus every initiative demands a solid foundation in order to let the business flourish.

Leo health and lifestyle horoscope

Emotional and physical well being takes centre stage this year. Jupiter in the fourth house helps prioritize self care and attention. You are bound to be more fitness oriented and all your stresses will be relieved by active involvement in physical activities. Spiritual healing could arise as a result of July eclipse and bless you with the requisite dose of rejuvenation.

Leo family horoscope

Jupiter will visit the fourth house of home and family which sure will bring a significant move in lifestyle. A relocation, pregnancy or home renovation will signify yearly events and be the necessary evolution that will overpower the prevailing lifestyle dormancy. With a blend of better and best, a few challenges will help tighten the bond by the end of 2018.