Manglik Dosh Pooja

Manglik Dosh is an astrological condition that arises when the “Mangal Graha” or the Mars planet lies in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person’s horoscope. The person whose horoscope chart has such traits is said to be a Manglik and faces severe issues related to marriage and marriage life. The position of the red planet, Mars is very essential for a person as it can cause issues related to marriage, work and even prove fatal.

There are several methods and remedies which can completely eradicate and diminish the effects of Manglik Dosh. The most effective remedy is the Manglik Dosh Pooja which not only nullifies the destructive effects of Manglik Dosh but in addition offers blessings from all Gods.

The Manglik Dosh pooja will be performed by Pt. Amar Sharma to the best effect and will ensure that the Manglik person will receive all the happiness in life and will be relieved of the evil effects of Manglik Dosh. The purpose of the Mangal Dosh Pooja is to remove the obstacles and barriers that are imposed on a manglik person. The pooja is an extensive combination of various chants and rituals that are to be performed during the whole process in a specific manner.

The planet mars is associated with furiousness and masculinity due to its red color. These are the trailts that show in a manglik person as aggressiveness. Such a person finds it hard to attain stability and satisfaction in married life. There are several disputes that incur in his married life and the severity of the issue can be fatal for a partner.

Pt. Amar Sharma is an expert in relieving all the ill effects associated with Manglik Dosh and will guide you and help you in attaining and achieving all the prosperity and happiness in life. The pooja will be performed with great effectiveness and precision to guarantee complete peace of mind to the person suffering from the issue.