Nasha Mukti Mantra

We all have to face troubles in life and there are challenges that are to be tackled along every journey. It doesn’t quality us to take the wrong steps and destroy ourselves by turning to alcohol and drugs. These things affect our mind and body very negatively and are a cause of serious health issues. What starts of as an occasional action gradually develops in to an unavoidable habit and tends to take away all the delights from our life. Addiction is the worst form of evil that can haunt a person as it renders him useless to the core.

Smoking, consuming alcohol or taking drugs are activities that bring disharmony in life and seriously affect those who care about you. It is a habit which has a negative effect on you as well as your harmony. Most of the critical health issues arise as a reason of addiction to some sort of drug or smoking and alcohol. It disrupts our lives and puts a halt to our joys and prosperity. To relieve a person of the evil habit of addiction, the reliable services of the world famous astrologer Amar Sharma come as an undeniable aid and offer guidance on how to stop them from indulging in such activities for future times.

Astrology has been a source of enlightenment and righteous guidance in all aspects related to human life. To prevent a person from addiction, the Nasha Mukti Mantra that the astrologer prescribes lets an addict control his desires for alcohol or drugs and lets him relive all the lost delights in life.

Some of the mantras that nasha mukti specialist astrologer grants to the addict have been mentioned as follows:

  • OM Hreem Yam Yashvarraye Namaha

A family member should recite this mantra 108 times whenever a person in under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Om Namo Bhairvaaye

Recite the mantra 21 times without the addict knowing about the same.