The twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac originates from the Pisces constellation. Pisces is associated with people born between February 19 and March 20. Selfless and willing to help others, Pisces are known to be empathic and emotionally expressive. They are intuitive and have an artistic talent as well. For the year 2018, the Pisces yearly horoscope by astrologer Amar Sharma reveals freedom and optimism along with a chance to travel and explore. Any prevailing stresses in career will be relieved and you are bound to take uncompromised delights of the prosperous times ahead. Shake-off the hackles of the heavy previous couple of years and feel free to experience timeless benefits and live in joy.

Pisces love horoscope

This year will offer multitude opportunities to receive lots of love and support from all nears and dears. Your personal success will attract people and make you a favorable destination for love. Learn from your past struggles and choose the love of your life wisely to embark on an eternal journey of passionate affection and delightful romance. As you love to be independent and free, this year you will find a partner with compatible attributes that will make a perfect companion for every adventure in life. Even single Pisces will have abundant chances to mingle with likeminded people.

Pisces finance and career horoscope

The pace of financial gains is set to accelerate and the three year struggle from heavy Saturn will finally end and reveal unlimited possibilities to stabilize your income with professional luck. You will be able to balance work and home to satisfy both ends and serve with dedication to increase your prospects of peaceful living. Unpredictable Uranus ends its seven year run in May and this will promote stability and secure your earnings to grant complete peace of mind.

Pisces health and lifestyle horoscope

For this year, Jupiter occurs in the outdoor ninth house and this signifies multitude of adventure and fun filled activities to experience. Stay active and explore Mother Nature in a quest to achieve nirvana from human interaction with nature. Serve yourself the best dose of adventure and take benefit of the lifestyle improvements that are evident from the five eclipses that occur this year. Get inspired to stay fit and adopt healthy habits.

Pisces  family horoscope

Connect with a new tribe but with Saturn roaming in the group activity house for 2018, be wary of any negative elements that could hurt your prospects. With even slight vigil and consideration of partners, you can live a time of youthful joy from uncompromised friendship goals. With luck shining on you from the beginning of the year, your family and friends will act a part in molding your success.