Assigned to people born between October 3 and November 21, Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac and is signified by the constellation of Scorpius. Known to be calm and cool, Scorpions have a mysterious appearance. Scorpio born people are fierce, intense, competitive and tend to be poetic. This year is bound to bless them with favorable opportunities to accumulate unimaginable amount of wealth. The horoscope prediction by astrologer Amar Sharma suggests that you will be backed in your efforts to keep moving forward in life. Every risk will be highly rewarded and patience is the key to success in all life matters. Every single effort will be backed to grant it thrust to take the flight of success.

Scorpio love horoscope

Jupiter occurrence will serve for the year to make you explore the intangible infinities of love. Relish the chances to meet exciting people and commit to relationships. As change is the only constant in life, get ready to taste the benefits of revamps in connections and choose a strangely different partner for yourself. Boost your confidence, personality and likeness with Jupiter transits. Enjoy new experiences in life and get rid of all those who have held you back from the joys and delights.

Scorpio finance and career horoscope

2018 will be a year of mixed outcomes for Scorpions. The wheel of fortune continues turning in your favor and if you are being attentive, can derive maximum benefits from the opportunities that wait. Saturn’s three year transit through finance house will end and will favor bold steps taken to enhance your career and employment prospects. Exciting professional opportunities are expected and with honest dedication and sincere efforts, are bound to yield highly satisfactory outcomes. Your performance will be reflected and converted to financial gains throughout the year.