Shubh mahurat

Shubh Mahurat for Namkaran

Namkaran is one of the most significant occasions in Hindu culture and is the process of naming a newborn. The birth of a child is the greatest blessing for every parent and marks an important stage of their life. A child grants the marriage meaning and purpose. The Shubh Mahurat for Namkaran 2018 will guide the parents to select the most favorable date to give their blessed baby a name that will reverberate among the most successful people.

The best Shubh Mahurat for naming ceremony by the world renowned astrologer Amar Sharma will let the parents to select the best occasion for the ceremony and let the new born baby to take the blessings from all nears and dears. Everyone wishes the child prosperity and success in life. They pray for the well being of the baby and hope that he grows to highly successful in life. The Namkaran Sanskar is celebrated with great fervor and relatives flock the home of the newborn to offer their regards and share the delights from the blessed occasion.

Choose the best dates for Namkaran Ceremony in 2018 and let your child receive divine blessing and achieve prosperity in life: