Shubh mahurat

Shubh mahurat for wedding

Marriage is the most important moment of every person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter and is a universal recognition of love. It binds two families together and thus holds a great significance in society. For a successful marriage, it is a must to assure that the stars are playing in support of the occasion and that favorable conditions prevail to let the marriage be as prosperous as possible.

There are certain dates in the Hindu calendar year that are regarded auspicious for the marriage ceremony. Based on the Luni-Solar calendar these days determine with timing, the benefits of getting married at that specific moment. The birth horoscope of both the partners determines the Shubh Vivah Mahurat 2018 and the love marriage astrologer Amar Sharma is an expert in precisely calculating the times with extensive calculations and Kundli analysis.

Do consider the following auspicious dates for wedding in 2018 and cherish the delights of lifetime prosperity and success: